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Matt Brydenthal

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Matt Brydenthal has been managing rentals since 1999 and has a well rounded real estate background that includes; new home sales, construction, owning rental properties, renovating and flipping houses, and hands on construction knowledge from plumbing to laying flooring.  He has even designed, built and sold a home in Costa Rica!

Matt was raised in the suburbs of Chicago but has lived in Flagstaff since 1999.  In 2001 Matt was selling real estate on a full time basis and over the past 17 years he has grown his portfolio from 15 to over 100+ rental properties(with the help of his wife of course).  In 2006, Matt created the brand and website 928RENTALS.com which was voted "Best of Flagstaff" Property Management for 2013, 2014 & 2015!  Besides his real estate career, Matt and his wife Ryian have spent whatever extra time & money they have investing in real estate.... this experience has only added to their extensive understanding of investment properties and what it takes to manage rental properties effectively!

Heather Fiser

Heather was hired in 2009 to help the Brydenthals with their growing property management portfolio. Over the years she has proved to be a valuable asset to the team. She obtained her real estate license in 2010 and her focus has spread to helping buyers and sellers in the fast paced Flagstaff market!

Our Customer Say..

"Matt has been my property manager for 9 years. I could not ask for better eyes, ears and attention to my property as I currently live in Washington. Matt has taken care of a myriad of issues, done a great job of vetting applicants, and keeps me in the loop. I know there are not going to be any surprises because he always lets me know what's going on. He has given me expert and sage advice when needed and arranged for reasonable and professional contractors for repairs and maintenance. As long as I own this rental property, Matt Brydenthal will be handling it for me. Thank you Matt and Heather!"

"Matt has been my property manager for over 11 years. I live out of the city. Matt and his staff have been absolutely wonderful. We have had great tenants, and repairs have always been appropriate and fair. The property has only been vacant a total of 2 weeks during that time. I am very grateful for his recommendations, professionalism, and ability to let me know when something needs to be taken care of. I trust him and his staff implicitly. They handle everything. I had not stepped foot in my property in 11 years, and Matt recommended some sprucing up. He was right on that it was time for certain items that just wear out after that much time, and the property really looked great. Kudos to them for screening tenants in that paint and carpet could hold up as well as it had over that length of time. I am very appreciative of all they do. I would not use anyone else to manage my property. Top Notch!"

"I worked with Matt from 928 Rentals over the phone, text, and email. Something quite surprising to me is that he was happy to tell me about neighborhoods of other homes not listed with him, and even recommended a home that he was not listing based on our needs. That shows real character. I hoped to wait it out and sign on something that he had listed, but at this time I did not have the time to wait it out so I had to go with another real estate management company. I would not hesitate to recommend Matt and 928 Rentals to anyone."

"I owned a cleaning company for over 8 years, during this time I held the accounts of almost a dozen property management companies/independent brokers in the area. We've seen our share of slum lords & unethical management practices. Unfortunately, Flagstaff's rental market has allowed for many property managers to rent homes in conditions that are frankly, un-rentable. Many property managers don't fix things because they know they don't "have to". When I first started working with Matt, I knew it would be the start of a great working relationship. For starters, he takes pride in his familys' name & brand. This is HUGE! Not only does he take his job seriously when it comes to protecting the owners investment, he also makes certain that you as a tenant are getting exactly what you deserve while your renting. He is NOT a cheapskate when it comes to fixing things for his renters, it's done right and to satisfaction. If the house is dirty, it needs to be cleaned properly..end of story. If an appliance is broken, needs to be fixed or replaced. Needs to be painted...done! You get the idea. He understands that renters need to be happy with their homes and his services as a property manager, otherwise he'll loose their business forever. In my opinion, Matt's homes are the nicest rentals in Flagstaff, hands down! When people have asked me for referrals, Matt is the ONLY person I have ever referred too! Many of the others are only in it for the money and don't really care about their reputation. Matt Brydenthal, he's the best in town!"

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