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During the summer months, the Flagstaff rental market gets VERY competitive. There are few homes, high rents, and everyone looking at the same time. We start screening YOU the moment we start communicating. These simple steps will help you get ahead of the pack!

  1. COMPLETE AN APPLICATION AHEAD OF TIME- when a person is applying and they have their "stuff" in order it helps make a good impression.  Read the application, if it has instructions follow them, it shows that you will read a lease and know what is in it.
  2. HAVE YOUR PAPERWORK IN ORDER - talk to your current landlord and ask for a letter of reference, have a paystub showing year to date income.
  3. READ THE ADS - we have people call us about rentals and not know the address, move in date etc.  If you are asking about a rental that is available August 1st, don't ask if you can move in May 1.  If the ad says "No Students" and you are a student, don't call and ask if the landlord will allow students.
  4. SHOW UP ON TIME- if you have an appointment, show up ontime or early.  If a person cant show up on time will they pay rent on time?
  5. CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE - if there is a photo of you doing a headstand while drinking from a keg, you may want to change your profile photo.
  6. STUDENTS - Students are NOT a protected class.  Here is real scoop if it hurts your feelings I am sorry but follow this advice and it will impress a Landlord and help you find a rental.  The reason most Landlords won't rent to students is because of the lack of responsibility they show while living in a rental.  So..

1- Show the landlord you are responsible, do NOT have your Mom or Dad call for you about rentals.  If you need your Mom & Dad to find you a place to live, than you probably need them to remind you to pay your rent and take care of the home.

2- Have ALL your roommates show up for the showing this shows us you can work together.  Most Landlords want 1 rent check, this shows you can pull together and get along.

3-If you don't have a job, have letters from your parents stating that they will cosign for you.

4- Check your facebook page, because we do.


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