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928 Rentals - Voted Best of Flagstaff 2013!  REMAX - Peak Properties

Matt Brydenthal - Realtor®
Heather Fiser - Realtor®
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Property Management - Flagstaff


Voted "Best of Flagstaff" Property Management 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.


Matt Brydenthal & Heather Fiser

......have over 25 years combined property management experience and are licensed Realtors at RE/MAX Peaks Properties. Here is what their team will do for you. Matt has been managing homes since 1999 and Heather since 2009.


The team manages almost 200 rental properties, and are licensed Realtors, they have effective tools in place, and their specialty IS property management. They have worked through many, many situations that has molded how they do business. There are many Realtors "giving property management a try", who only manage a few rentals. Do you want to be part of their learning curve?

Call You Back!

There is a problem in this town with homeowners not being able to get a hold of their property manager. This is unacceptable. Matt & Heather keep their cell phones on at all times, even when out of town. If you have to leave a message they will call you back.

Screen Applicants

Including credit checks, Arizona court records, employment verification, rental history and observation. They have only had to evict 4 people in the last 18 years!


A walkthrough of the home is done with the tenant BEFORE they take possession and AFTER they vacate, some property managers give the tenant a form and have the tenant do the walkthrough without the property manager present!

Write Leases

The lease is the MOST important tool for effective management of your home. Due to the constant changes in AZ laws their lease is reviewed by a local attorney specialized in Landlord Tenant Law.

Effective Marketing

The marketing and showing of your home begins BEFORE it becomes vacant. This website averages 100+ hits per day from UNIQUE users. Before your home becomes vacant it will also be posted on Craigslist, Facebook, MLS, Zillow and have a yard sign. You also have the option to have your home advertised in the AZ Daily Sun

Contact Person

They take all the calls from the tenant. Do you want the calls in the middle of the night or when you are out to eat with your family about a problem with your rental? Are you prepared to take these calls and get problems fixed?

Mediator / Negotiation

Knowing what to say and how to negotiate is key to keeping the owners best interest in mind.


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